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Download free when is the next days gone update. The zombie shooter game has been out since April and it looks like Days Gone has received one of its monumental updates which ensure backwards compatibility and take advantages of new features when played on the next-gen PS5. Read below to check out the patch notes for the Days Gone update. This page covers every Days Gone Update and Patch Note that has appeared since the game's launch on Ap.

Continue reading for more information on every fix. The next-gen upgrades are coming thick and fast, and it seems that Sony has been ordering its studios to give their first-party games a second going over in preparation for the launch of PS5, which is set to release November 12th and November 19th. Bend Studio, the developer of the open-world zombie drama, Days Gone, has announced on Twitter that the game will play better and look better PS5.

Days Gone update hits the road, greatly reduces game file size Jim Hargreaves 28/01/20 1 PlayStation 4 exclusive, Days Gone, has received a new game update.

Sony Bend Studio has updated Days Gone to version today ahead of the launch of the PlayStation 5. This update is reportedly for backward compatibility. Days Gone was released back in exclusively for the PS4. It was an open-world survival horror game from Sony Bend Studio.

The update brings Days Gone up to versionand while there's no official confirmation that this patch has been pushed live directly because of the PS5, there has to be some sort of. Days Gone Update October 28 Patch Notes. Bug Fixes; We’ll be sure to update the above if anyone from the community spots additional changes, though we suspect this update is most likely to fix any bugs spotted on the PS5 via backwards compatibility. Although being GB in size, that is odd that the only listed notes are for bug fixes.

This update has been released for the sole purpose of creating a smooth transition from one console to the next.

Days Gone is gearing up for its PS5 release with update. The update is massive, standing at 25 GB. This patch tries to intensively tackle the stability and framerate issues of the game. Here are the Days Gone patch notes. Days Gone Update and its patch notes are now out ahead of it’s addition to the PlayStation Plus Collection. Similar to other games that will. Days Gone DLC is rolling out now and it just made the Farewell Wilderness even more inhospitable.

The first new feature for the open-world apocalypse is Survival Mode, which makes enemies tougher. Days Gone Update patch notes REVEALED: Next PS4 DLC adds challenges and more Sony and Bend Studio have updated the game once again to add a new patch - and this one is a pretty hefty install, adding all new weekly challenges. Prior to the latest update, Days Gone took up over 60 GB (mine was at GB as of patchwhich was admittedly a little bit dated).

Update is. According to Bend Studio, Days Gone will support up to 60 FPS with dynamic fzqb.school592.ruonally, PlayStation 4 saves can transfer over to the PlayStation 5, Author: Rollin Bishop. Days Gone Gets Massive 25 GB Update Before PS5 Launch The hefty patch will make the zombie apocalypse sandbox a whole lot more stable.

By. Days Gone is an open-world action-adventure game set in a harsh wilderness two years after a devastating global pandemic. Play as Deacon St. John, a drifter and bounty hunter who rides the broken road, fighting to survive while searching for a reason to live. • Harsh Open World Using the power of PlayStation 4 and Unreal Engine 4, Days Gone offers an incredibly realistic and detailed open. Jeff Ross Game Director, Bend Studio I’m excited to announce that Days Gone will be releasing its New Game Plus mode.

This has been the most requested fan feature since we launched back in April, and it will be available on 13th September through a downloadable update. Bend Studio has released patch notes for Days Gone updatewhich adds a new set of weekly challenges and accessibility options alongside general bug fixes and improvements.

Sony Bend Studio has released update for Days Gone and it brings Death Stranding items to the game. Check the patch notes for fixes and fzqb.school592.ru: Gohar Anwar. Another day gone, another Days Gone update bringing a few exciting new features.

Here's the link to the official patch notes, if you wish to read them at your own leisure. Days Gone update version is now rolling out on PS4. According to the official Days Gone update patch notes, the latest update brings various bug fixes and changes.

Apart from this, the new Days Gone also includes stability and performance improvements. Days Gone patch notes for update Here are the Days Gone patch notes, released on June 7th, copied verbatim from updates by developer Bend Studio. Survival Difficulty Mode. Previous post Next post. views Continuing down the line of PlayStation exclusives getting a patch, Days Gone update has been released and its a rather big update.

On the PS4 revision history, the only known notes are that this update is to resolve some various bugs. Days Gone Update Patch Notes. Release May 1, ; Size: MB; From Bend Studio's post on Reddit. Due to an issue that arose with Patchwe removed the update. Days Gone patch notes introduce a big update for the game - the Surrounds challenge mod. This new DLC is an endless horde mode where you use your skills, traps and all the running away to Author: Connor Sheridan.

Days Gone Update Discussion. Close. Posted by 13 days ago. Days Gone Update Days Gone is developed by Sony Bend Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Your place for discussion, help, news, reviews, questions, screenshots, videos, gifs, and anything else Days Gone related!. Sony Bend Studio has released Days Gone update today and confirmed the timing for the last set of DLC challenges.

There are some new bug fixes in this update. Days Gone gets weekly DLC challenges that are usually released either as a part of an update or unlocked on a specific date. If Days Gone comes to the PC, it would be a wonderful opportunity for Worldwide Studios to implement the power of PC hardware to push the game to its limit.

Moreover, with the right marketing strategy, Days Gone can become a great success on PC. Of course, it is best to take this information with a grain of salt since neither Sony or Worldwide Studios have said anything about Days Gone coming. Grab the full Days Gone update patch note straight from developer Sony Bend. This is the game's final 'feature' patch, the studio has said.

Days Gone: Neues Update steht bereit; Version Patch Notes. Sony Bend hat heute ein neues Update für Days Gone bereitgestellt. Die Aktualisierung mit der Update Version hat eine Downloadgröße von 15, Gigabyte. The Days Gone, and we have another update / patch. It's a 12gb whopper, because why not right?

Here's the link if you don't wanna listen to me reading out the patch notes. The last update for Days Gone was released on January 27th.

A new patch is now available for download, we will have all the information about this update on October 28th. The Days Gone Update can now be downloaded and installed. The file size is a huge 23 GB! Since launching back in April, Days Gone has been receiving regular updates to not only improve the PS4 exclusive horror game, but also expand it with free new challenge focused content. Days Gone Update and its patch notes are now out ahead of it’s addition to the PlayStation Plus Collection.

Comparable to other games that will be available on the PS5 come launch, this patch appears to deal with making sure the backwards compatibility runs efficiently and capitalizes of new features when possible. Immerse yourself further into the world of Days Gone with the upcoming post-launch difficulty addition - Survivor Mode. Stripping away from of the game's ease-of-life features, the new mode will put players survival skills to the test.

Continuing down the line of PlayStation exclusives getting a patch, Days Gone update has been released and its a rather big update. On the PS4 revision history, the only known notes are that this update is to resolve some various bugs. Days Gone Update Patch Note Bug Fixes.

Days Gone may have released in a sub-optimal state, but Sony Bend has been pretty efficient at cleaning up issues. And that progress has continued, with the release of patch v earlier today. Days Gone has been given yet another update on PS4. Fortunately, however, the small Days Gone update fixes a problem that arose after the release of the previous patch. Days Gone’s next update will add a new game plus mode one week from Friday, Sony’s Bend Studio announced this fzqb.school592.ru allows players to start the story over with the better firepower Author: Owen S.

Good. Measuring in at a whopping 25 GB, the update brings Days Gone up to version The patch notes are surprisingly short as well: Added operational stability improvements. Days Gone update version is available to download now for PS4. Here are the full patch notes for this update. Sony Bend Studio has updated Days Gone to. Days Gone Gets UpdateFixes Most Bugs Except for Major Audio Glitch Read More As of earlier this morning, patch for Days Gone went live.

Here are your full patch notes for Days Gone update Death Stranding PC Update Introduces DLSS Support for NVIDIA Ampere GPUs, Ultra.

Latest Optimal Update for Days Gone on PS4 is: Guide: Updating your Playstation 4 to the Latest Console Update To Fix Days Gone.

Ensure that you’re PlayStation 4 is connected to the internet or a nearby strong Wi-Fi source then download the latest Console firmware. Sometimes games can be released and present issues or anomalies when. Days Gone update is now rolling out for PlayStation 4 players. According to the official Days Gone patch notes, the latest update comes the next set of free DLC challenges along with a ton of new accessibility features.

Apart from this, Days Gone version also added in some fixes and adjustments to both story mode and our DLC. The developers of Days Gone have released Patch today, which is available for download now. Days Gone Patch is a small emergency hotfix; problems with the new “Drifter’s Run” challenge have been resolved with this fzqb.school592.ru you can find the complete patch notes to Days Gone.

In addition to the bug fixes, the free bike decal “Dead Do not Ride” has been added to. Days Gone PS4 FPKG action-adventure survival horror video game developed by SIE Bend Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

At its core, Days Gone is about survivors and what makes them human: desperation, loss, madness. Update [9/5 @ AM PT]: New Game+ announced! We have heard you loud and clear about bringing New Game+ to Days Gone and our team is working on making it a reality! All the details regarding New Game+ have been posted on the Official PlayStation Blog. Keep an eye on our official Twitter and Facebook account for updates!

The latest DLC update for Days Gone introduces a brand new Survival difficulty level, as well as bike, horde, and combat challenges with tied-in leaderboards. By CJ Schummer Share.

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